Description Edit

Deserialize by class JewelryStaticData.
The table contains information that is used to create equipment (Jewelry) type in the game.

Columns Edit

ID Type Description
StaticID Int32 Unique identifier in this table.
Name LocalID Item name. Unique identifier from FileIconXmlloca.xml.
Icon IconID Unique identifier from .assets files.
Price Int32 Item price.
Type EEquipmentType One type of jewelry.
PrefixID Int32Array IDs prefixes of modifying characteristics from FileIconCsvPrefix.csv.
SuffixID Int32Array IDs suffixes of modifying characteristics from FileIconCsvSuffix.csv
ModelLevel Int32 Characteristic model ID from FileIconCsvJewelryModels.csv.
Level Int32 Level of relic item. For non relic: 0.
RequiredXP Int32 The amount of experience required to level up of the relic item. For max level: 0.
NextLevelItemID Int32 Next level item ID from this table or 0 if it is not.
Description LocalID Item description. Unique identifier from FileIconXmlloca.xml.
Identified Boolean If TRUE item is identified else no.

Incoming dependency Edit

FileIconCsvJewelryModels.csv FileIconCsvPrefix.csv FileIconCsvSuffix.csv

Outgoing dependency Edit


Example Edit

StaticID	Name			Icon			Price	Type		PrefixID	SuffixID	ModelLevel	Level	RequiredXP	NextLevelItemID	Description	Identified									
1		JEWELRY_NECKLACE_M1	ITM_jewelry_necklace_1	250	NECKLACE	0		0		1		0	0		0		NONE		TRUE
2		JEWELRY_RING_M1		ITM_jewelry_ring_1	200	RING		0		0		1		0	0		0		NONE		TRUE
3		JEWELRY_RING_M1		ITM_jewelry_ring_1	200	RING		0		0		1		0	0		0		NONE		TRUE