Since it does not look like any official patch is coming any time soon (if ever) I fixed whataver was possible to fix without the access to the game C# source code (of Legacy.Core.dll in particular, which is responsible for most broken things). Enjoy.






8 of January 2014:

  1. Fixed a typo in the game data files that prevented the player from receiving a relic dagger as a reward for completing first objective of "Jassad's Bestiary" quest.
  2. Different flavors of Naga tea can no longer be acquired a second time once "The Naga Tea" quest has been completed.
  3. It is no longer possible to acquire "Stone Disc Fragment 2" quest item from Blackfang Smuggler a second time.
  4. Armorsmith at Everyman's Armour (The Crag at 25,5) has a correct minimap icon (hammer) now.
  5. During endgame speech narrator will no longer incorrectly state that Loard Haart was betrayed to Inquisitor Heame if player found Haart but not finished the quest or decided to keep Haart's secret.
  6. Changed the Crystal Shards monster spell to make it behave according to its in-game description (now it targets only a single party member instead of a whole party simultaneously).
  7. Fixed the missing description in the tooltip for the monster spell Crush.