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This is the starting page, which we will try to make the most informative and easy to navigate through the content encyclopedia. While its not a lot, so we invite everyone to participate in filling its useful contents.

On the first steps of the focus will be on the description of the kinds of problems that are relevant at the moment and how to address them; information on the development of the game and the description of resources to create modifications.

This multi-language wikipedia. Languages menu located at the bottom. Those who wish to begin translating - welcome.
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Might & Magic X: Legacy - this is a new game in the series, tells the story of the history of the new world Ashan, continues the story Might & Magic VI: Heroes. Going back to the traditions of the first parts of the series, it also provides the ability to make mods arrived and introduced new elements to the game.

Below are the main sections of the encyclopedia, will try to fill up as much as possible. Let's start :)

  • Mods - List of mods for M&M X.
  • Creating Mods - The information that you need to start creating mods. Summary of the resources used in the modding M&M X.
  • Soft - Useful tools.
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