The game is written in C# using the graphics engine Unity3D. At the moment, the main assembly does not obfuscate, allowing without any difficulty to study their code and make changes. In addition, modmakers will be able to edit the data describing the game objects and events, allowing you to add new items to the game, characters, change the AI monsters and more.

Engine modification[edit | edit source]

All libraries written in C#, are located in the following path:
Might & Magic X - Legacy\Might and Magic X Legacy_Data\Managed

These files contain the basic logic of the game:

  • FileIconDll.pngLegacy.Core.dll
  • FileIconDll.pngLegacy.Framework.dll
  • FileIconDll.pngLegacy.Game.dll

You can explore them using any of the existing programs, such as: dotPeek, ILSpy, .NET Reflector or ILDasm (for aesthetes). They also allow to decompile the library, make changes and re-build. In addition, you can write a program to inject code using FileIconDll.pngMono.Cecil.dll.

The request was sent to the technical support with a request for access to the original source code. We are waiting for a response. But the likelihood of a favorable outcome is unlikely, so any research in the most convenient way to recompile the libraries are welcome!

Resources modification[edit | edit source]

Games resources are located in the following path:
Might & Magic X - Legacy\Might and Magic X Legacy_Data\StreamingAssets

  • FileIconTxt.pngconfig.txt - configuration file, defining the various factors and parameters such as the length of the day, the rate of flow of time, costs and damage multipliers...
  • FileIconXml.gifCreditsData.xml - credits, appear in the game, containing a list of the developers of the project.
  • FileIconTxt.pngoptionSettings.txt - game settings, such as play speed, the graphics options, etc.

FileIconFolder.pngru, FileIconFolder.pngen, FileIconFolder.pngjp, include localization files FileIconXml.gifloca.xml, containing the texts of the game for the respective language locales. All localized content in the game refers to the constant of the files. More details about the format of the file and localization in general, see the appropriate article.

FileIconFolder.pngMaps contain files that describe the game locations. Edit them manually is not recommended, but the format of, for example, to write your own editor, you can read here: Mods: Locations.

FileIconFolder.pngres contain game archives, used engine. They comprise texture, patterns, animations, sounds, scripts, etc.

FileIconFolder.pngDialog contain dialog files, snapped to the NPC.

FileIconFolder.pngVideos contain movies and subtitles.

FileIconFolder.pngStaticData contains CSV-tables describing the characteristics of game objects.

Articles[edit | edit source]

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