Aladore Racial/Job Specialists (RJS) ModEdit

RJS is a global tweak of original classes design. It aims to create (or strenghten) strong identity and distincts bloodlines and specialists groups with neatly marked specific traits for each race and categorie of character (Human/Elve/Dwarf/Orc versus Fighter/Hybrid/Caster), resting heavily on personal reading of lore aspects and synergie logic between skills and stats. All this by seeking to give a maximum freedom of choice to the player.

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global traits descrpition :

Humans, short-lived but curious and restless, most dynamic, explorers and missionaries all around the world, have more skill points from the start. Tend to be skilled in more domains, have more freedom and opportunities :
-5 Grand-Masteries (GM) per classes.
-Globally more different skills than most, tend to ignore class/race restrictions, widest choices of abilities.
-All get the magic of Wind.

Elves, graceful and patient, close harmony with nature, bonus in evade. Rely more on swiftness than toughness, perceptives and more close to magic energies :
-High Perception and Destiny standards (at least 8 each from the very start).
-Correct to very high mana-pool (and Spirit).
-Acceptable to very poor health-pool (and Vitality).
-All elves have exclusive GM Dodge but only Expert (Ex) Endurance.
-All elves have Mysticism, level scaling through classes. Exclusive GM as in original assets.
-All elves can use dual-wielding dagger and sword, level scaling through the classes.
-No elf can use blunt weapons (Axe, Mace).
-All elves are Bow Masters (M) and can use Medium Armors.
-No elf can use Heavy Armors neither Shield.
-All get the magic of Earth.

Dwarves, fierce warriors, industrious blacksmiths, short and stocky. Counting on natural and acquired toughness and heavy/complex gears more than speed and swiftness :
-High Strength and Vitality standards (at least 8 each from the very start).
-Correct to very high health-pool (and Vitality, redit).
-Acceptable to very poor mana-pool (and Spirit).
-All dwarves have exclusive GM Endurance but only Expert Dodge.
-All dwarves are M/GM in Warfare, Shield and Heavy Armors.
-No dwarf can use Light Armor.
-All dwarves can use blunt weapons.
-No dwarf can use blades.
-All get the magic of Fire.

Orcs, nomadic barbarians, proud survivors, injected demon blood into human slaves and criminals. So very good at survival, no complex gears, powerful warriors and get dark powers :
-High Destiny and Vitality standards (at least 8 each from the very start).
-All Orcs are exclusive GM Arcane Discipline (thanks to the demon blood) and M Endurance and Dodge.
-All Orcs are skilled in Two-Handed weapons, level scalling through classes.
-All Orcs get the magic of dark.

Fighters, they are here to kick butts, save yours, and bring everyone home alive after crushing the vilains :
-Focus on melee weapon and/or survival/protection according to race style.
-Nearly not any skill in magic or related miscellaneous. Only one, Expert level, according race specialty. Human Mercenary is only exception with three Ex Magics (race specification and extend "Jack-of-all-trades" aspect). -Tend to be more skilled in combat styles skills (Armors,Dual-wielding,Two-Handed,Shield,Warfare...).
-Highest health-pools. Lowest mana-pools.

Hybrids, or "hunters" through description and mod concept. All travelers, most mobiles of their kind, granted with much various experiences :
-All hybrids are GM in one ranged weapon according to race specialty and tend to focus more on ranged damage, although it's just a global tendancy. Crusader, as destroyer of evil, is granted GM Crossbow in addition of other abilities for witches hunting. -All hunters are granted M Spear and so M Two-handed skills if non-GM. This for giant monsters hunting. For those who don't know some special giant monsters bosses are vulnerable to the Spear, thanks Bellerephon. The idea of hybrids through the mod is based on the notion of "hunters". -Get some skills in Magic : two masteries according to race specialties. Human Crusader is here again the only exception with a GM.
-Versatile. Can self-orient in various ways of damage dealing, provides different ways of support, is granted with different ways of survivability.

Casters. Of various origins and uses, they are specialised in the use of magical arts :
-Exclusive GMs in magics and related miscellaneous according to race specialties. (Exclusive except for race specialties of course).
-Very various possibilities of magic learning.
-Poorly skilled in martial arts of any kind except for race specialties.
-Highest mana-pools, lowest health pools.
-Very various forces and weaknesses, abilities possibilities, depending on races specialties, the ones they are most seethrough on.

Last notes :
-Maximum freedom of choices. The mod focus a maximum, while attributing the start skill points, on leaving a maximum of fredom in the choice of weapons. So starting points are nearly never put on weapons, rather on core miscellaneous, often armor specialty. The mod also tries to leave a maximum of choice in the picking of said miscellaneous and leaving possible choice in combat-style skills every time possible. Same freedom of choice has been granted to stats as much as possible, which is still way less alas. But the game is build in such a way that, even if you can't make a Fighter to become a caster, with the five free start stat points and speed of level-up you can globally easily adjust any class to your play style.
-Removing useles skills. The mod also focus a lot on removing judged out-shadowed skills ; essentially combat-style skills or weapon choices placed beside a pre-selected / higher level or Grand Master / miscellaneous strengthened one ; or on putting them at equal level. This means quite some adjustements were made through the game, removing some weapon skills or adjusting their level, strengthening original concepts, mod self Racial/Job concept, and self identity of the different classes.

Main changes are :
-Human Mercenary : M in Bow as in all other weapons, no weapon or weapon-linked combat-style pre-selected.
-Human Crusader : no more mace, no more medium armor. Although the possibility of mace is good for a Crusader, close to a Monk/Priest in regard of classic RPG, it has been judged of poor use beside a pre-selected GM sword. Crossbow to GM and add M Spear and Two-handed for "hunters" specialist line purpose.
-Elven Ranger : Dagger down to M to better distinction with Bladedancer and scaling with Dual-wielding and sword, also originally to Master level. They are all all to Expert level on the Druid for strong race identity.
-Dwarven Defender : Axe down to M level, same as Mace. GM point to Endurance both to strenghten original tank identity and personal Race identity along.
-Dwarven Scout : GM Mace along with original GM Axe. GM in Heavy and no longer Medium Armor.
-Both Elven Druid and Dwarven Runepriest have been tweaked according to new racial particularities and removed of Spear.
-Main change for Orcs is appearance to magic in accordance to the regular chart. Barbarian is granted Expert Dark, Hunter, Master Dark and Earth, Shaman GM Dark, Earth and Wind.

-Preservation of original game : As said earlier the mod try to be globally as respectfull as possible of the original game. No completely changed concept, just tweaks, even if some are a bit consistent. Not any character has been given extra stat points, only 43 per person as before. Exact same Health/Mana starting pool balance : 80 in total. This is in no way a "easy-life" mod. Some settings could even prove way more challenging now. Health and Vitality of whole elven race has for exemple been litterally slayed down. As for the Fighters magic, support magic of Fighters will be only support magic of Fighters now.