Aladore's micro-tutos in modding : change the school of Whispering ShadowsEdit

While I'm still trying to find a complete solution, I cannot add spells to the game for now, this is how to use Whispering Shadows with the Magic School of your choice :

1 - Go to "Might & Magic X - Legacy\Might and Magic X Legacy_Data\StreamingAssets\StaticData"

2 - Open "CharacterSpellsStaticData"

3 - Locate this line :


4 - In "SKILL_DARK_MAGIC" replace "DARK" with the magic school of your choice ("LIGHT", "EARTH", "WIND"...)

Here it is : one word to change and you can detect secrets with the magic of your choice.
Don't forget full capital, don't forget to save, don't forget to make a back-up if you're really afraid to get to mess-up with this, and to relaunch the game for mod to be applied.

After quite some quick tests I can certify that this method is not creating any conflict with saves or whatever and is perfectly safe as far as I'm concerned :

I bought the spell under Eath school with my Druid, cast it, everything worked fine.
Changed the school to water, relaunched, reloaded, recasted, fine.
Changed the school to Dark again, relaunched, reloaded, my character still know the spell but is unable to use it.

Any comments, suggestions, ideas here

To modders :
To solve the problem of the lack of Dark Magic, especially for players playing with vanilla classes, I had the idea just to had two copies of Whispering Shadows in the game but from Earth and Light School (to reveal secrets with respectively memory of the ground and the truth of light for RP note).

I tried to edit "CharacterSpellsStaticData" making two copies of Whispering Shadows, granting them with new IDs and names, then changing magic school for both. I then add the new IDs to "SpellOffers" (still in StaticData) both to global novice spells list then to Faris novice spell list. When I come to Faris shop everything is working, no crash or bug, except that the menu appearing after selecting "1. Learn spells" stay completely blank. Impossible to select any character to learn spell, not any option. Just "escape" touch to get back to previous menu.

Conflict is obviously the fact that three spells ended sharing the same description and icon file. But I have no idea how to get access to this. Once it will be possible then two copy/paste/rename would allow to rule the problem instantly. But since then I'm stuck.